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Children Are Central To All We Do

The care that goes on behind the doors of this hospice not only helps the young children suffering with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions but it also helps their families too. This is why we have made it our charity of choice for the 2017 Henley Food Festival.

Flight Of The Honey Bee

With one in three food items we consume everyday only available because of 'The Pollinators' such as the wonderful Honey Bee it seems only fitting that we should support such terrific course that Friends of the Earth championed. 

Help From Above

With life-saving medical care being provided across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire each day, the work in which these medical professionals undertake should not be taken for granted. With the support from the general public helping to raise funds to keep them air bound it is a reassurance for all to know you will be in safe hands.